Training Entrepreneurs to Save Communities

Training Entrepreneurs to Save Cities (Click on the image to read the article)

Training Entrepreneurs to Save Cities (Click on the image to read the article)

The Emerging 200 program, or more commonly known as the E200 program is a social program by the U.S. based Small Business Administration to help out struggling small businesses in this tough economic climate. According to the article, “The project’s goal is to provide talented entrepreneurs with the skills and contacts they need to grow their companies and create more jobs in their communities”. I believe that this initiative will help the U.S. economy, which in turn will lead the way for a global economic recovery, more so than the trillions of dollars that is being pumped into the very institutions that were the root cause of this financial market melt-down.

The more communities become self-sufficient, community-minded in the business decisions they make, and innovative in their approach to securing new business, the sooner the current state of the economy will improve. One thing that intrigued me about the E200 initiative is what is provided to the participants of this program. According to the Small Business Administration, “At the end of the six-month program, E200 participants walk away with a written, three-year growth plan – a helpful document to have handy for entrepreneurs looking for business loans or investors”. Again, drawing on my own experience when making decisions whether to extend credit to small business owners, if the business owner has a clear growth plan with realistic goals, I would be more enticed to extend the credit as I could see the potential of the business.


~ by maniebrahimi on June 1, 2009.

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