Video Gallary

I have dedicated this page to a select number of videos that I found on YouTube that explain everything from the credit crisis to successful entrepreneurship techniques. Enjoy!

Video Description: Crisis Spreads – Roundtable Discussion with Vladimir Kvint of Moscow State University and Lawrence Goodman of Bank of America

Video Description: Bill Clinton explains his support of KIVA, a wonderful organization that has a unique approach to helping people in developing nations.

Video Description: A short and simple description of the credit crisis (part 1)

Video Descripton: A short and simple descripton of the credit crisis (part 2)

Video Description: A full hour seminar given by Bill Drayton, Chairman and CEO of Ashoka, and hosted by The video explores innovators for the public and lifelong entrepreneur, which had helped build the field of social entrepreneurship 25 years ago and remains committed to shaping a dynamic, global citizen sector.

Video Description: Interview and entrepreneurship ideas with Linda Rottenberg, the CEO and Co-Founder of Endeavor an organization that targets young entrepreneurs and uses capital from the private sectors to develop start-ups in emerging markets. (Bloomberg

Video Description: Skoll Foundation has recently completed a short film about the field of social entrepreneurship. Its a great overview of the progress made over the last three decades. It starts with Mohammad Yunus and includes interviews with a number of social entrepreneurs and others in the field, including Sally Osberg of the Skoll Foundation, Bill Drayton of Ashoka, Jacqueline Novogratz of the Acumen Fund, John Elkington of Volans, and author David Bornstein.

Video Description: This is an extract of a debate on microcredit broadcasted by Democracy Now! on 13 December between Susan Davis, founder and chair of the Grameen Foundation, and Vandana Shiva. The occasion was the acceptance of the Nobel Peace price acceptance speech made by the founder of Grameen Bank Muhammad Yunus. The debate is not only informative but enlightening of the gap we have to overcome in our critical discourses.

Video Description: Governments from Brazil to Bosnia have launched massive microfinance programs, and commercial banks like ABN AMRO, HSBC and Citicorp are rushing down-market, which could increase access to credit for the poor. Some 500 million poor worldwide have reportedly benefited from $6 billion in micro-loans, which supporters want to ramp up to $300 billion. But its critics say there is no solid evidence that microfinance makes a difference, either in developing the economy or reducing poverty.


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